father and son


I’m Fred Boyle and I wanted to thank you for checking out my blog.

But first, I’ve got a confession to make: My name’s not really Fred Boyle, and that’s not a real picutre of me. You see, I’m using this blog as a way to tell the story of “one dad’s quest for health, wealth, and happiness in a world gone crazy”. And in order to do this, I’m going to occasionally say some things about myself, loved ones, or work associates that I might be embarrassed or cautious about sharing publicly. So, in order to post as freely and honestly as possible, I’m capitalizing on the anonimity of the internet by creating my false persona, Fred Boyle.

I sure wish, however, that I had Googled that name before adopting it. Apparently, I share a name with some psycho who killed his wife in the U.K.

So, in order to avoid any such mishap with my wife and kids, who I’ll also be posting about, I’ll give them completely fantastical names that can’t possibly be confused with any real life psychos. Allow me to introduce them, all named after the fairies from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

My wife, Titania, is 30 and an English major just like me. She’s a budding photographer with a knack for taking really awesome photos of children and families.

My oldest son, Mustardseed, is 6 (though he’ll assure you that he’s six and a half!). He loves Ninja Turtles, spies, and reading. In fact, he taught himself to read at age 4 and is already reading complete chapter books.

My oldest daughter, Peaseblossom, has hair as red as a fire truck and a temper to match. She just turned 5, prefers dresses that twirl, and likes her coffee black. Seriously, she started sharing my morning coffee when she was like 2 years old. She even used to eat whole coffee beans.

Next in the line up comes Puck, our mischievous little 3-year-old boy who spends his rest time drawing on the walls, emptying bookshelves onto the floor, and pulling the sheets off of matresses. Don’t leave him alone in the kitchen unless you want to spend hours cleaning up one of his “experiments”.

Finally is little Cobweb, our latest addition to the family. She’s just about 8 months old and is the latest talker of our bunch. All the rest were started by 6 months or so, but she is just now learning her first words. Word numero uno was “hi”, a stark contrast to our previous children’s favorites of “dad” and “milk”.

That’s a bit about me and my family, now on to this blog.

If you keep up with my posts, you’ll learn the inner workings of a father and husband who is trying to find the best way to carve out a good life for his family. I’ll share our adventures, our struggles, our happy times, our sad times. I’ll also post about my journey at breaking free from my 9 to 5 job. Ever since reading The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, I’ve had an unending drive to escape the rat race that forces us poor peons to choose between money and time. I’m a budding entrepreneur who is exploring multiple avenues of generating passive income streams. I’ll update you from time to time on the fruits of my research and efforts.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around for more of The World According to Boyle.